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LFG - Adventures: Dickzilla vs The Mechagnome!

Looking For Group

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Save Kethenecia, if you can!

A renegade gnome took Richard’s casual gnomicide a bit too personally. He turned his back on Toyk, gathered a crew of soldier engineers and build a colossal rolling machine in his image, set on a one-way path of destruction towards Kethenecia. Dickzilla versus The Mechagnome is an original 5th-level adventure that uses the Looking For Group Roleplaying Game rules, and features:

  • All you need to run this adventure for six of your closest friends is the Looking For Group Roleplaying Game boxed set
  • The LFG Adventures first vehicle and magus
  • New art
  • A new playable pregenerated character: Ray’d Bool, war leader of the Bloodrage tribe.

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