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LFG - Orphans & Ashes Expansion #1: More Phun

Looking For Group

Regular price $10.00

Burning orphanages just got More Phun now that more characters have joined the fray! Play as Benny, the least noble healer money can buy as she tries to profit from this tragedy, and Sooba, whose speed is only matched by her bloodlust.

In addition to new characters, the Orphans & Ashes: More Phun expansion adds two new players and three new ways to play:

  • Head to Head puts up to four players against each other in a flaming free for all!
  • Splitting the Party lets players pair up in teams of two with competing goals.
  • Not Alone! turns the game of strategic orphan burning into a cooperative game of saving orphans and being heroes or something.

Includes exclusive Benny and Sooba pawns, with the plug-in interactivity that Orphans & Ashes pawns are famous for.

Requires the Orphans & Ashes base game!