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LFG - Richard Action Figure

Looking For Group

Regular price $15.00

The Richard Action Figure is here and none of your other action figures are safe! Fwoosh Snake Eyes! Raise a chalice with Skeletor! Tear Optimus Prime apart with your bear arms!

Designed by Catrina Arana, Design Manager of Boss Fight Studio, and compatible with other 4" (1/18th scale) action figures like Marvel Universe, GI Joe, and Boss Fight's Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Richard has 14 points of articulation, a window box for mint in box display, and all of these amazing accessories:

  • Three swappable heads for maximum expressiveness!
  • Four sets of hands for awesome accessory holding and spell casting poses!
  • Fwoosh and lighting spell effects that clip to Richard's hands!
  • Legara crown and kidney hat that fit over Richard's cowl!
  • Bear arms!
  • Pillaging shovel!
  • The Purse of Holding!
  • A bucket of blood!
  • The Fork of Truth!
  • And more!