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Least I Could Do: The Card Game

Least I Could Do

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"This is your one and only opportunity to live my life. Don't squander it!" - Rayne Summers (2012)

Least I Could Do: The Card Game is played by 2-6 players with a duration of 15-60 minutes, depending on the scoring option you go with.

You, the player person, select one of the 6 LICD characters to play as. Your goal is to pick up the most, best looking women in a bar, while simultaneously trying to cockblock your buddy(ies) from doing the same thing!

It's easy to pick up, it's fun, and it will result in a good time!

In The Box:

 A deck of 75 action cards
 A deck of 30 chick cards
 6 character cards
 1 rule book
 1 six-sided "Rayne Die"

Click Here to download the updated rules!