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LFG - LFG Adventures Miniatures

Looking For Group

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LFG Adventures Miniatures bring your tabletop RPG game to life! Choose between:

  • Richard - “For Pony!”  : Based on the now classic page 42, Richard is in a square legged stance for maximum recoil absorption. 
  • Cale’Anon – Swords Elf: Based on page 782, Cale in his no-cloak, chain-shirt look, wielding Good and Evil. 
  • Benny - Ready for Anything: Based on page 42, confidently looking over her shoulder with a grip on her staff.
  • Aelloon - “I AM Legara”: Based on his declaration of awesomeness on page 119, Aelloon has his arms raised in triumph, one hand balled in a fist, one open as if to shake a hand or smack a face. 
  • Legion Soldier - Rank and File: Like the soldiers in a forward thrust pose like the soldiers on page 123, assemble rows upon rows of your Legion Soldier army. 

Get the Army Builder Bundle for three Legion Soldiers and Aelloon at a discount price!

LFG Adventures Miniatures are sold unpainted (and in Richard's case unassembled). Samples painted by "Miniatures Mistress" Elizabeth Beckley. 
Warning: Not a toy and not food. Not suitable for children under the age of 14. Choking hazard, do not eat.

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