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LFG - Storytime With Dick

Looking For Group

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Ever sit around the campfire to tell stories with your friends when everything suddenly goes wrong? Your friends are all murdered, everything you love is destroyed, and the call is coming from inside the campfire! That's what separates your average story-time from *LFG Storytime with Dick*!

LFG Storytime with Dick is a competitive storytelling dice game. Players take turns rolling the dice and trying to tell a story by matching the story element symbols they rolled to one of the cards in their hand. However, after every roll, one of the players -the Dick of that round- gets to mess with your story. Do you accept the firey wake Dick leaves behind or push your luck and try to salvage your story with another roll of the dice?

LFG Storytime with Dick contains:
  • 9 custom Storytelling dice that can be used as regular 6-sided dice;
  • 42 Plot cards with references to your favourite LFG moments;
  • 1 Dick Role card, so everyone knows who the Dick at the table is;
  • 8 Cheat Sheets, because rules are hard and drinking might be happening.

Suitable for 2-8 players, ages 13+

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